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You are unique.

Vantage offers a range of programs that meet your 

changing needs, helping you reach your potential while celebrating your individuality.

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Youth in Transition

If you are between 17-25 and transitioning out of youth services, this program empowers you to gain independent skills and discover your personal identity. You may still be in school with child and youth service worker involvement, or you may have already entered into adult services.


You are between 25-50 and want to be an active citizen in your community.  In this program, you will develop your skill base, explore new opportunities to demonstrate your strengths, and build meaningful personal relationships through shared interests and activities.



You are 18+ and would like to explore how to live or engage in the community independently. You may currently be living independently or are able to control many aspects of your life without assistance. Your support team will assist you to explore personal choice, financial stability, mental and physical well-being, and opportunities to build positive relationships in your community.


If you find navigating the challenges of social interaction and living in the community difficult due to struggles with addictions, mental health, or criminal justice involvement, the specialized support team in this program can assist you. With a person-centered approach, you will be encouraged and supported to create goals that improve your well-being and enhance your quality of life.


As a mature adult, you may be looking for ways to keep engaged and share your talents and experience with others in your community. This program offers flexible options where a specialized support team will assist you in maintaining your well-being and changing care needs. You will explore opportunities to keep active, share your stories, and foster friendships.

My Life

My Life is a specialized program that supports individuals with developmental disabilities who are exploring or identify as gender diverse, transgender, or members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. This SOGIE (Sexual Orientation Gender Identify Expression) program enables individuals to create and understand safe space, live with authenticity, connect with existing resources and networks, whilst being supported by workers with lived experience and enhanced training. 

Vantage works with Individuals, families and other community specialists to develop a range of 1:1 and group activities based in safe community locations across the city. This program is for anyone 18+ and has a focus on advocacy, citizenship, community awareness, volunteering, specialized gender expression and awareness workshops, and healthy life choices. This program can be part-time, full-time, community access, respite and residential services.

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