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"Kindness is one size fits all"

Everyone is Unique - creating a safe and inclusive space for all

Today, we celebrate Pink Shirt Day. A day to embrace different cultures, identities, and the true selves of others in open and direct ways. To do this, we need to continue to have greater respect, acceptance, and inclusion as everyone is important.

Pink Shirt Day goes beyond the classroom. Individuals seeking our services often encounter bullying throughout their lives - in their youth and into their adult years - for being different, misunderstood and misrepresented.

“As a company, we welcome the ways this diversity will deepen our shared understanding of the applications of this work and one another,” said Jayne Myatt, Executive Director. “We are driven by our pursuit to create a safe and inclusive space for all through the services we provide and in the communities we work in.”

Vantage is committed to providing individuals using our services and our workers with equity, freedom from adverse discrimination and harassment, and the removal of all barriers to equal opportunity. We recognize all types of diversity including, but not limited to size, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, class, citizenship status, religion, and abilities.

Bullying affects the mental health and well-being of the recipients. In recognition of Pink Shirt Day, we had some individuals accessing our services create pink shirts and asked them what their mantra is about bullying:

“There are 7,852,472,832 people in the world, why are you letting ONE of them bring you down?”

"Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below YOU.”

“Bullying is not OK.”

“Don't listen if they say you are not enough.”

“Kindness is one size fits all.”

Vantage takes great care to ensure all workers are trained to recognize the signs of bullying. This allows us to give individuals accessing services the tools and guidance to take action against bullying or to feel safe to seek help from a trusted caregiver, family member or friend. Vantage also uses visualization to help Individuals recognize how their words and actions can hurt others, like the Wrinkled Heart Project.

Vantage is dedicated to continually pursuing a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a core value of our work, to eliminate disparity and disproportionality in service outcomes. We value the identities and lived experiences of those we serve.

We celebrate and honour the strength, creativity and power that comes from experiencing different viewpoints, backgrounds, and cultures. Learn more:

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