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Supporting Wellness - Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health is integral to keeping any workplace a safe and inclusive environment for individuals to grow, thrive and live to their fullest potential. That is equally true for organizations that dedicate themselves to supporting others, like Vantage. We are responsible for the well-being and mental health of others, which is why it is crucial that we ensure our workers receive the support and care they need to provide exceptional care for those in their care.

Mental health has always been paramount to Vantage. However, in the wake of the pandemic and in the midst of Blue Monday, it is becoming increasingly more clear that mental health is, and should remain, a top priority for any successful workplace.

“Whether it’s encouraging our staff to take vacation days, or simply having a friendly conversation, ensuring our supported individuals and workers have the resources and the support they need to take care of their mental health is key to building a strong and resilient community,” said Jayne Myatt, Executive Director, Vantage Enterprises.

Vantage has always fostered a culture that focuses on prioritizing mental health. They train and encourage senior team members to attend courses to better understand mental health so they can be a solid support system, such as utilizing the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s ‘PocketWell’ app, training workers on after-care for those who experienced trauma associated with mental health and even facilitating drum circles for stress reduction. Vantage is also dedicated to ensuring it remains an inclusive and respectful environment for all, participating in inclusivity training and a Cultures of Compassion and Pathways to Reconciliation workshop to better understand one another and educate those in the organization to approach everyone with compassion and openness.

They also always encourage workers to take time off and to use their vacation days, including six days a year that staff can use at their discretion, no questions asked.

“Each of us is unique and we want to be there for our workers and ensure that they are aware that their mental health and well-being comes first. We are committed to equity, freedom from adverse discrimination and harassment, and the removal of all barriers to equal opportunity - which is why we are passionate about continuing to educate ourselves on the obstacles that some have and continue to face in our commitment to create a healthy environment for all,” said Myatt.

“Looking forward into the new year, we are continually seeking ways that we can support our workers and supported individuals.”

Vantage aims to establish balanced and meaningful environments in which individuals can thrive and build connections. To learn more, visit:

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